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Handmade fine porcelain pieces

LAST shop update before moving to Australia:

Early December 2022

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November Update

Friends and patrons, you have been SO good to me! Thank you so much for your support, encouragement, enthusiasm and enjoyment of my work over the past 5 years. Even if you never purchased your own JMC piece, but you've commented on one of my social media posts or visited me at my booth at one of my art fairs and remarked about how much you liked my work. Your words matter and are uplifting and encouraging.

We have decided to move back to Australia, specifically Brisbane, so we can be closer to family and so our children can experience part of their childhood growing up in our home country. As such, my next shop update will be my very last here in the US, and it will be very limited with only a dozen or so pieces. As soon as I have a firm date for the shop to go live I'll announce it on my social media channels so stay tuned.

I do plan on continuing with my ceramic work and teaching once we are settled, so follow me for updates on that new adventure too!

And remember, my ceramics are all about celebrating the joy that flowers and plants bring us. I hope you find something in my store that brings YOU joy as you incorporate it into your daily life. 

It's only 10 degrees outside, so I'm making tea in my new mug. I wanted to let you know it arrived safe & sound (and fast). It's beautiful...I love it. I was at my sister's-in-law over Thanksgiving, and she had the same one in her cupboard (a gift from a co-worker). I wanted one of my own the moment I saw it. I love anything citrus (it reminds me of sunshine) & am fond of art that has a form that meets function. Your work is incredible. & your engineering background is evident in your designs.


Amazing! This mug is both functional and beautiful – it has a gorgeously textured and hand crafted feel, great colour scheme (works well with our décor), as well as delicate features that make drinking from it more pleasurable. The contoured mouthpiece and thumb-grip make it easy to handle and my coffee almost vanishes a bit too quickly! Luckily, a refill is only a few minutes away


Juni was my first ceramics instructor, and has been so influential I have now joined a pottery co-op so I can be creative whenever the mood strikes! As an instructor, she is very patient and willing to help when you need it, but will also stand back and have you try it on your own without interference. She is supportive of students trying different methods, and wants to hear what they are interested in making during lessons. Her pieces are lovely and unique (I own several!). Highly recommend both as an instructor, and as a professional artist you should start collecting from!