To thank you for your support for the arts I'd like to offer you an AAF Holiday only special deal where you get to choose 2 small (8-10oz) bowls of any of my current designs for the price of $60 (normally they are $45 each) - with FREE US shipping!

There's no limit to how many bowls you can purchase in this deal - just so long as they're in multiples of 2 (I like to keep things neat and tidy).

This deal is not available anywhere else on my website. So how do you purchase this deal? Simply contact me and let me know the following:

1. How many bowls you want - 2? 4? 6? 10?

2. What design(s) you want on your bowl - they can all be the same design, or mix and match as you please. 

My current designs include: apple blossoms, bees, bird in a cherry blossom tree, blue columbines, blue coneflowers, cactus (succulents), cherries, daffodils, forget-me-nots, irises, lemons, lily of the valley, oranges, peaches, pears, pink bergamot, red poppies, strawberries, sunflowers

(This offer does not include the stained porcelain, sorry)

I'll be closing this offer at 8am November 21, so as long as you reach out to me before that time you will be included. I'll be making these bowls to order, and expect to send them out around mid-December via UPS. 

I'll respond to each of you individually by the end of the weekend to collect your contact details for invoicing and shipping.

Thank you again, and have fun choosing some fresh new handmade porcelain bowls to brighten up your winter table!

Juni xo

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